Our Mission

Connecting you to make a difference where your skills meet your passion

In a city so large, where people can feel so small, we believe the impact can be great when people use their skills and passions to engage where they live — coming together to restore communities, fight for social justice, and bring hope where it's needed most.

Whether you are a professional looking to use your experiences for good or a non-profit looking to make noticeable change in Houston, Serve Houston connects and trains you to serve with purpose in our city.

Upcoming Gatherings

Your first step in serving Houston. Our Workshops and Meetups are crafted to give you the essentials you need to volunteer where your skills and passions intersect with the needs of an Impact Organization. Filled with interactive activities, opportunities to network with other professionals and nonprofits, and quarterly kickoffs for specific Service Teams and Opportunities… Find out more and get involved!

We don't have any Gatherings scheduled but check back soon because we are working on the next one.



Volunteer Spotlight

Shelby Hood

"I knew little about Serve Houston’s mission, except that they connected young professionals to nonprofit organizations in the Houston area. I had just moved to Houston and wanted to integrate into the community, and I saw involvement with Serve Houston as my way to do just that." 


Impact Organizations

These organizations are the heartbeat of the Serve Houston community. These forward thinking non-profits are vetted for their impact, their commitment and their ability to mobilize volunteers to meet a challenge, bringing transformation to the underserved corners of our city.

Redwood Living

Redwood Living believes that apartment communities can be made stronger by uniting the residents and investing in the youth. Their staff live alongside residents in under-resourced apartment communities to gain relationships that lead neighbors to serve neighbors.

Nabor House Community

Nabor House Community provides free/subsidized early childhood care in a Christ-focused environment for children aged 2 months to 5 years, allowing parents to work or attend school.

Generation One

Generation One improves the quality of life for residents in the Third Ward. They tear down dilapidated homes and buildings while rehabilitating existing ones and serving/mentoring local youth.

Community Partners