All Nations Sports Academy (ANSA)

Everyone knows the common language of the world has little to do with your mouth. You speak it with speed, endurance, and dazzling footwork. It’s the Beautiful Game, and unlike the rest of the world, Americans know it as “Soccer.” All Nations Sports Academy is using that language to transform and empower international and refugee kids from all over Houston.

Founded by Marcelo Galvao, a veteran soccer player and coach from Brazil, All Nations Sports Academy seeks to engage children and parents from disadvantaged communities with a free, high-caliber soccer league and quality coaching. The children All Nations Sports Academy impacts excel on the field, leading to achievement in other areas of life. And mentorship from their highly-trained coaches helps the players become better students, workers, and citizens.

For All Nations Sports Academy, having quality volunteers is essential. As Marcelo says, “It makes a huge difference because it helps you function. You can have a vision and goals, but if you don’t have the skill sets to meet those, you’re short in a couple of categories. And you become that much weaker.” In addition to finding coaches and sports volunteers, administrative support will help All Nations Sports Academy better communicate to donors, participants, and families.

Volunteer Opportunities