Eyes On Me

Hip hop isn’t just a top-40 format. Underneath the swagger and larger-than-life personalities, you’ll find it’s also a movement—a subculture—and one with a historically positive core. Eyes on Me. is laying claim to that core as they transform the youth culture of the streets of Houston. Led by former MC and producer Bobby “Tre9” Herring, Eyes on Me is committed to creating a positive environment that shapes students for lifelong success and sustainability in the world.

Motivated by faith-based conviction and a vision for community transformation, Eyes on Me prides itself on being a mobile organization that can reach kids where they are. With discipleship, mentorship, benevolence, and prison outreach programs, Eyes on Me looks to raise up youth in lower income or at-risk environments to be leaders that then create other leaders—leaders like Sam, who went from being a spiritually directionless high school junior to leading kids at their Sunday gatherings.

Tre9’s stated goal is to work himself out of a job, creating leaders that can step in and fill needs for a hurting urban youth culture. For him and Eyes on Me, skilled volunteers create space for more discipleship, more mentorship, and opportunities to create sustainable revenue for the organization. And in turn, Eyes on Me can keep spreading its positive message, through the medium of hip hop, to youth all over Houston.


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