Generation One

The Third Ward is one of the toughest areas of Houston, with high rates of poverty and little community development. But where most would see a lost cause, Mike and Kenzie Malkemes saw opportunity. Fresh off a stint providing relief to Katrina refugees, the Malkemes’s began getting to know the residents and children of the Third Ward, earning their trust by ensuring them they were there to love and serve.

Nearly a decade later, their organization — Generation One — is working to transform the Third Ward by serving local kids with its mentorship, enrichment, and Academy programs, and by mobilizing scores of volunteers to clear dilapidated lots and tear down abandoned houses. Generation One has a multi-pronged approach to community development, one that’s directly helping 150 kids and family members to become a new, first generation of hope. And when hope is reached for, poverty cannot exist.

At Generation One, transformation happens over a period of time — not just a day. And they believe that life transformation comes from dedicated service. Having a larger group of committed volunteers — particularly in areas of leadership and administration — will allow continued growth to happen for beneficiaries and volunteers alike.

Volunteer Opportunities