Mission of Yahweh

In the 1970’s, Mrs. Helen Gay began the practice of opening her home to homeless women and children in the Spring Branch area, welcoming them as guests. Today, Sister Gay’s ministry continues through the Mission of Yahweh, and her holistic approach of giving women spiritual guidance, job skills training, and long-term housing is helping women break the cycle of homelessness. Their 100+ bed campus contains a resale shop, a chapel, dorms, childcare facilities, a computer lab, and even a new state-of-the-art kitchen.

Success isn’t easy, and Mission of Yahweh works hard to provide the spiritual healing their clients need to bounce back from a lifestyle of neglect and survival. But success stories of women who go through their program, complete school, and live on their own- sometimes even coming back to work on staff!- prove that they’re making a difference in our city.

With an eye toward developing their volunteer base and providing onsite GED classes, Mission of Yahweh has many needs beyond just serving food in their kitchen. For them, a stronger volunteer base would help them launch new initiatives, better communicate with donors, and open doors to new grants.


Volunteer Opportunities