Nabor House Community

How do you invest in a community in need? Do you start with its children? Its parents? Why not help both?

Quality childcare and Pre-K programs improve outcomes for their children and communities. Children who attend develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively and are better prepared to enter school and find a great job someday.  Communities benefit from this with lower crime rates, lower cost of social programs, and lower costs of school remediation. 

 Nabor House Community takes a holistic approach to early childhood care, developing families and children simultaneously with quality, affordable early childhood education. According to Executive Director Barbara Allen, “We’re unique in that parents are required to work or go to school to receive services for their children.” In addition, Nabor House’s works with children as young as two months old, where traditional Pre-K programs open services to children at age four. Nabor House also uses a rigorous curriculum called HighScope that increases early childhood literacy.

It’s an in-demand program, expanding to three locations in its first year-and-a-half of operation. As a result, Nabor House is stretched. “You have to have someone skilled to come in and bring the quality that you need,” Allen says. “We’ve got lots of wants to do this and that, and there’s so much on our plate that we can’t carve out time to do it from start to finish.” Having skilled volunteers come in and supplement Nabor House’s mission seems only appropriate—one generation using its talents to equip another.

Volunteer Opportunities

The following are opportunities to serve Nabor House Community with your skills and passions. Select a specific opportunity to learn more and volunteer.