The WorkFaith Connection

Breaking the cycle of poverty doesn’t happen all at once. There are small, continuous steps: finding community support, reconciling with family, completing a standard education. Then, there’s that big rung on the ladder—getting a job. What do you do if you’ve experienced a barrier to traditional employment, like being homeless, struggling with addiction or doing time in prison? How do you start putting together a resume? Navigate a job interview? Most importantly- how do you beat the inward attitudes that have limited you in the past?

WorkFaith Connection started up in 2006 to answer these needs. Led by CEO Sandy Schultz, WorkFaith Connection provides an eight-day training program to disadvantaged job seekers, helping them stabilize their lives and advance their careers. WorkFaith Connection also provides follow-up care and mentoring, allowing students who graduate the program to get ongoing guidance and help for as long as they need it. Altogether, WorkFaith Connections’s graduates earned $28 million in wages in 2014. And that’s not even counting the restored relationships and community involvement that emerges from changed inward attitudes.

By their very nature, WorkFaith Connection values volunteers with marketplace skills. Whether it’s professionals who coach and counsel job seekers, or specialized contributors who help with one-time projects, volunteer help enables WorkFaith Connection to move quickly and keep emphasis on their clients—and on the life change that comes from gaining and keeping a fulfilling career.

Volunteer Opportunities