Ashley Hurley

Ashley Hurley is the Founder of Serve Houston and a current board member. An eight-year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry, Ashley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University.
While she was still in the corporate world, Ashley’s eyes began to open to the needs around her– homelessness, human trafficking, at-risk youth, and more– she began searching for non-profits that were seeking to address these needs. The more time she spent with these non-profits, she realized some of their greatest challenges were centered on administrative capacity.  Ashley noticed her coworkers around her had both the skills and the passion to address some of the biggest core needs of these non-profits.
Ashley embarked on a journey to discover how skilled volunteers could come alongside non-profits and help strengthen their infrastructure so that together they could have a greater impact on the city. Through this journey, Serve Houston was born.
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