Returning Impact Organizations

Serve Houston is a community of skilled volunteers and impact organizations collaborating for the good of our city. Our purpose is to collectively take on local challenges to restore communities, fight for justice, and bring hope where it's needed most. Each year, Serve Houston partners with 10-15 Impact Organizations to connect skilled volunteers with specific volunteer tasks. If you’re organization is a registered 501(c)3, then please use this application to initiate an opportunity to join Serve Houston’s network of Impact Organizations. If you have any questions during this process, feel free to contact us at or 713-501-5802.

Qualifications / Expectations:

  • Each Impact Organization must be a registered 501(c)3 with local office(s) in Houston, Texas.
  • The Executive Director and/or Volunteer Coordinator of each Impact Organization must be able to attend the monthly Collective Gatherings. Volunteer representation is not accepted.
  • Impact Organizations must submit a monthly report via email by the 5th of each month. This report will be provided to the Impact Organization by Serve Houston.
  • The Impact Organization must complete the Serve Houston diagnostic tool prior to 2016.
  • The Impact Organization must sign a waiver of release of liability for Serve Houston.
  • Serve Houston will not screen or background check volunteers before connecting them with the Impact Organization.
  • The Impact Organization understands that Serve Houston does not guarantee volunteers for any/all tasks needed.
  • The Impact Organization understands that Serve Houston is focused on identifying adult volunteers with professional skills; therefore, needs that will be publicized must fall in to the following categories:
    • Administrative
    • Creative Arts
    • Events
    • External Connections and Communications
    • Financial Planning and Management
    • Project Management
    • Research and Grant Writing
    • Social Media and Communications
    • Volunteer Management and Mobilization
    • Web/Tech Stuff
  • The Impact Organization will provide monthly skilled volunteer needs to Serve Houston for the purpose of recruiting volunteers.
  • If chosen as an Impact Organization, the non-profit understands that they will be representing the Serve Houston brand, which respects all people, from all backgrounds and welcomes them to "the table".  This includes interaction and communication with volunteers and potential volunteers.

Name of Organization

Tax Exempt #


Name and contact info (email/phone) of Executive Director

Name and contact info (email/phone) of Volunteer Director

Mission Statement of Organization

Provide 3 examples of how Serve Houston has benefited your organization in 2015.

Does your organization have any special projects during 2016 that would prove to be especially interesting to Serve Houston volunteers (capital campaign, marketing strategy, major fundraiser, etc.)?

Who is the target demographic that you serve? (eg: human trafficking, at-risk youth, homeless, etc.)

Name and title of person submitting this application



 I agree to the Qualifications / Expectations stated above.