Impact Stories

Shelby Hood

I first heard about Serve Houston in February 2015 from Barbara Allen, Executive Director of Nabor House Community. Out of sheer luck, or more likely God’s good timing, I stumbled upon a volunteer opportunity with Nabor House. While volunteering, Barbara mentioned that a new Houston nonprofit organization was hosting its kickoff dinner the following week…. Read more »

Redwood Living

When you are living paycheck to paycheck or on a very fixed income, finding a safe place to call home can be challenging.  And many people in this situation move often in order to be able to save money or pay a bill.  With all this transitional living, community can be hard to create. If… Read more »


In 2002, Rob Morris and three of his friends traveled to Southeast Asia, curious to learn more about the emerging problem of child sex trafficking. Part of their undercover work brought them to a brothel, where they were witness to little girls in red dresses being lined up for child predators, numbers pinned to each… Read more »

Mission of Yahweh

There’s no question that Houston is one of the U.S.’s fastest-growing cities, and that we see more and more families move into our area each week. What we might want to question, though, is how many have roofs over their heads when they get here. According to the 2014 Houston Homeless Count, on any given… Read more »

Nabor House Community

Let’s be honest for a moment – we live in an imperfect world, and we’re all navigating some kind of struggle. And when it comes to issues to manage, it’s most often the children that get forgotten.  Especially children living in low-income areas.  These children often grow up with less opportunities and more obstacles than… Read more »

Rescue Houston

According to the Texas Office of the Attorney General (2012), “One in every five victims of human trafficking in the United States travels through Texas along the I-10 corridor.” In addition, The US Department of Health and Human Services states that about 25% of all human trafficking victims are in Texas. And if you’re wondering… Read more »

Eyes On Me, Inc.

Connect. Cultivate. Commit. For the past seven years, Eyes on Me, Inc. has been using this process in some of Greater Houston’s most at-risk and disadvantaged areas. Founder Bobby R. Herring, (aka “Tre9,”) knew from his career as a Houston-based hip hop artist that there was a vicious environment of drugs, gangs, and violence in… Read more »

C.H.A.R.M. Prison Ministry

Call it the elephant in the room– except the room is made of concrete and cinderblock, and the elephant’s rocking an orange jumpsuit. It’s the state of Texas’ criminal justice system. According to Chad Chambers, Executive Director of C.H.A.R.M., “Every year, taxpayers spend $21,000 per inmate. With more than 150,000 people currently in Texas prisons,… Read more »

All Nations Sports Academy (ANSA)

It’s a warm Houston afternoon—enough to make your knees buckle and your survival instinct begin moving you toward air conditioning. Arguably it’s not so different from, say, Brazil… but the climate isn’t what’s making Marcelo Galvao feel most at home. It’s where he’s standing. The soccer pitch. Kids race back and forth, practicing passing drills… Read more »

WorkFaith Connection

Imagine, if you will, the factors that pin folks into a cycle of poverty. A lack of opportunity. Broken family relationships. An income that forces you to slice life into a series of cascading needs—your rent, your phone bill, your next tank of gas. And that’s if you’re lucky—that’s if you’re not skirting between shelters…. Read more »