Eyes On Me, Inc.

Connect. Cultivate. Commit.

For the past seven years, Eyes on Me, Inc. has been using this process in some of Greater Houston’s most at-risk and disadvantaged areas. Founder Bobby R. Herring, (aka “Tre9,”) knew from his career as a Houston-based hip hop artist that there was a vicious environment of drugs, gangs, and violence in these at-risk areas. He realized that the only way to help was to bring them hope. And to use hip hop as a vehicle? That goes back to the roots of the genre, which emphasized positivity and community during its inception in 1970’s New York.

Eyes on Me, Inc. begins by connecting with communities through events, hip hop parties, and even school assemblies. They desire to create relationships not only with the children but the whole family. Working in communities such as the 5th Ward, Brookshire, Spring Branch, and Cypress, Eyes on Me, Inc. has seen tremendous growth in the children and youth who attend… and who bring their parents too.

But it doesn’t just end with a hip hop event. Eyes on Me, Inc. continues to cultivate those relationships and work with the whole family through mentoring and ministry. They, in turn, ask these families to commit to serving in their own communities, thus bringing it back full circle.

They’re witnessing amazing transformation in children and adults alike. They’re walking alongside men who were homeless, now living in shelters and holding down a job. They’re seeing former gang members change their lives and work to show the next generation how to avoid similar mistakes. They’re partnering with formerly incarcerated adults to help bring hope to their communities.

Eyes on Me, Inc. is a faith-based organization that works to bring spiritually-driven hope to some of the poorest communities around us. Coupling faith with relationship, they offer real help to those who need it the most.

Tre9 and his team are continually on the move, and they have a variety of opportunities for volunteers. Want to attend and serve at a hip hop event? Check. Do you have some administrative skills? They’re on the lookout for people who can help with fundraising, event planning, and administrative needs. Eyes on Me, Inc. is our spotlight organization for July, and we encourage you to join them to help bring transformation to our city.

Learn more at http://www.eyesonmeinc.com

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