Mission of Yahweh

There’s no question that Houston is one of the U.S.’s fastest-growing cities, and that we see more and more families move into our area each week. What we might want to question, though, is how many have roofs over their heads when they get here.

According to the 2014 Houston Homeless Count, on any given night you might expect to find one of approximately 5,351 homeless individuals staying in our area, both in shelters and under open sky. Though this number of homeless persons is down 37% from 2011 (houstonhomeless.org), we think it’s still too high.

And so does The Mission of Yahweh.

A faith-based women’s shelter in northwest Houston, The Mission of Yahweh was started in 1961 to help combat the problem of homelessness. From small beginnings– founder Helen Gay literally began by opening the doors of her own home– The Mission grew to become a recognized non-profit by 1972. And in 1981, The Mission of Yahweh established its first women’s dormitory.

Today, they have a 12 building campus that includes two emergency shelters and one transitional dorm for single women and women with children. The Mission of Yahweh offers more than just a roof over these women’s heads, though.  They provide job-readiness programs, computer training classes, Bible studies, and many other programs for the women. And for the children, activities such as after-school tutoring and art classes nurture their development and grow their skills.  Plus, all residents of The Mission of Yahweh contribute at least six volunteer hours a week at The Mission.  Their goal is not just to provide a shelter, but also to help women and families have a better life.

In 2014, The Mission hosted 34,406 stays (i.e., a night’s rest and three hot meals), but still had to turn away 5,063 women and children due to lack of beds. Though The Mission is growing in terms of donations and volunteers, there’s still a large need to meet.

As Serve Houston’s October Spotlight Organization, we would love for you to get involved with The Mission of Yahweh.  Not only do they need volunteers who work directly with the women and children, but they are also in need of help with social media, photography for special events, and accounting services.  To find out more, check out their website at http://missionofyahweh.org.

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