Nabor House Community

Let’s be honest for a moment – we live in an imperfect world, and we’re all navigating some kind of struggle. And when it comes to issues to manage, it’s most often the children that get forgotten.  Especially children living in low-income areas.  These children often grow up with less opportunities and more obstacles than their peers with higher-income families.

According to, “Children from lower-income families are more likely than students from wealthier backgrounds to have lower test scores, and they are at higher risk of dropping out of school.”

Lower-income families deal with more than just trying to find work to pay the bills.  These families also worry about getting food on the table, finding time to spend with their children, and having the right resources to help their children succeed.

And today, “lower-income” encompasses a greater amount of people than it ever did before. With wages stagnating in our current economy, “lower-income” can look like anyone who lives paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how they are going to provide for their children’s needs.

These children — and their families — need help to make sure they have a better life.

Nabor House Community seeks to meet that need by placing high quality early-childhood centers in low-income areas. Providing reduced-tuition services for children from two months to five years old, they help their students develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively, leaving them better prepared to enter school.  This preparedness contributes to higher educational achievement, higher earning potential, and a greater ability to recover from poverty. Nabor House Community also provides parent education nights and other resources to better serve the whole family, which in turn allows the children to have better opportunities.

Nabor House Community provides their centers to focus on the whole child’s development.  Their programs help children grow:

  • socially through interaction with other children;
  • cognitively as they are exposed to math, science and literary concepts;
  • emotionally as they discover self-control and empathy;
  • and physically as they play and participate in music and other classroom activities.

And as a faith-based organization, Nabor House Community also helps children grow spiritually as they learn about Jesus Christ.

Providing children with a stable learning environment and families with safe childcare gives everyone more opportunities.  Parents have more time to seek employment or schooling while their child is at Nabor House, and children are better prepared for elementary school. Nabor House Community hopes that this will give families a chance at a better life, leading to better communities overall.

Nabor House Community currently serves in two locations: Harvest Bend (Cy-Fair area), and Faith Center (Spring Branch area). Volunteers are essential to their success.  Not only can you donate supplies, but you can also sign up to help directly with the teachers and children.  They also have critical volunteer needs in web design, project management, and grant writing. As our September Spotlight Organization, we encourage you to get involved with Nabor House Community and help be the change in these children and families’ lives.

To find out more, check out their website:

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