You are a sum of your parts. Your experiences — jobs you’ve held, places you’ve traveled, books you’ve read, relationships you’ve built, needs you’ve seen in the world — have taught you, shaped you, challenged you in a combination that no one else in the world has experienced. Your skills, talents, convictions, passions… things that you may not even think are notable — This is your story. And we want to equip you to use that story to volunteer and transform our city.

Why partner with Serve Houston?

  • Our Skills Deck helps define your skills and learn how you can volunteer with them to meet a specific need
  • Learn new ways to use specific skills and grow in experience with exposure to seasoned professionals
  • Access to a vetted community of non-profits
  • Match your skills and passions with specific impact organizations or impact opportunities
  • Find and commit to skills and a timeline that works for you
  • Optimize your skills and time serving
  • Gain new experiences
  • Be an active participant in a community of like-minded professionals
  • Serve with purpose in our city
  • Make a lasting difference

Looking to connect a group to serve together?

Whether large corporations, small businesses, church groups, professional organizations, or anything in-between we are interested in working with groups to give you a place to build unity and gain experience serving together.